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Bonnie B Ranch logo
The Bonnie B Ranch is valuable as a film location,
and scouts are invited to contact us for tours and information.
Below are photos of some of our sites
and past films featuring the Ranch.

The diverse topography of the Bonnie B Ranch has provided the scenic background for commercials, still photography, and feature films.

From rolling hills dotted with oak trees and five small lakes, to more mountainous terrain with pine and cedar forests, the ranch provides realistic settings right out of the midwest, northeast, or pacific northwest.

A gristmill with water falling over its water wheel, a covered bridge, quaint footbridges spanning the streams, a stone bridge in the bed of the stream, long stretches of stonework and winding split-rail cedar fences, all lend themselves to period pieces, battlefields, or unique backgrounds for more contemporary film shoots.

Directors have marvelled at the long hours of "non glare" sunlight time which accommodates their schedules of long shooting days.

With North Fork, Oakhurst, and Fresno nearby, an abundance of restaurants, motels, and movie support companies are available.

ttfilmloc8.jpg - 1715 BytesThe Bonnie B Ranch is a private, secluded, 400 acre former working cattle ranch with security, nestled in the foothills of the Sierras at 3000 ft, near the town of North Fork. The ranch features 5 sparkling lakes, as well as streams, timberland and rolling hills. A rustic covered bridge, grist mill and a variety of western looking buildings are available as well as a 3000 sq.ft, 3 bedroom, 3 bath house.

Winter SceneThe Bonnie B Ranch is as beautiful in its winter scenes as during the spring, summer and autumn months! Winter SceneWhether real or artificial, snow lends a beauty to the landscape that is only enhanced by the filmmaking art.

Exterior Bonnie B RanchPast shoots at the Bonnie B Ranch have included commercials for Wells Fargo Bank, Fleetwood Motorhomes, and two major-release motion pictures. Make the Bonnie B Ranch "best supporting actor" in your next film!

Bonnie B Ranch film locale
The Giant of Thunder Mountain (1991), filmed on the Bonnie B Ranch starred Richard "The Giant" Keil, Jack Elam, and Bart the Bear
tmousehunt1.jpg - 7478 Bytes
Mouse Hunt, filmed in 1996 features Nathan Lane, Lee Evans and Christopher Walken.
Spooky Bonnie B Exterior
On a hill overlooking one of Bonnie B's five lakes, a 90-member construction team worked 8 weeks erecting the mansion's exterior under the direction of Linda DeScenna. In the film, no saturated colors were used, giving the house a bleak, scary feeling.
Mansion Exterior - Bonnie B Ranch
This is the mansion set constructed at the Bonnie B Ranch as it looked during the daylight hours.Bonnie B Ranch Film Location
Snowy scenes included the film brothers sliding across an icy lake in a bathtub.
Bonnie B Ranch Film Location
The "bathtub" mechanism used in the scene is shown above. Bonnie B Ranch Film Location
Another delightful local on the Bonnie B Ranch.
Bonnie B Ranch Film Location
Our Covered Bridge is quite popular.
Bonnie B Ranch Film Location
Beautiful trails abound on the Ranch.
Fleetwood at Bonnie B Ranch
Fleetwood filmed commercials for its Savanna Travel Trailers on the Ranch
Fleetwood at Bonnie B Ranch
Another shot of the Fleetwood Commercials filmed on the Bonnie B Ranch

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Located in central California
near Yosemite National Park
For Information, Call (805) 886-3272
between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time
Contact Kerry A. Bryant